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Trusted. Tried. True.

  • LoveNotes wedding officiants who have been ‘tying the knot’ for couples since 1990

  • Licensed, ordained, non-denominational ministers who perform both religious and non-religious ceremonies

  • Recommended by more than 1000 wedding professionals throughout North Texas

  • Voted favorite wedding officiants in the DFW Metroplex every year since 2009

  • Specializes in custom-tailored weddings, but also offers other clergy services

  • Provides you with the best-selling book, A Wedding Ceremony to Remember—Perfect Words for the Perfect Wedding to help you design a ceremony that captures your vision and tells your love story

Why choose The Knot Tyers?

  • Experience—years of performing weddings of all genres; more than 16,000 weddings performed by LoveNotes Knot Tyers since 1990

  • Education—legitimately ordained, trained, and licensed

  • Expertise—proficient in multi-cultural traditions; practiced in all ceremony and rehearsal procedures; professional in handling any issue that may arise

  • Reviews—hundreds of 5 star reviews on The Knot, Wedding Wire, One Wed, Google

  • Referrals—more than 1000 vendors in DFW recommend LoveNotes Knot Tyers

  • Reputation—trusted for being punctual, sensitive, flexible, available, dependable, professional

  • Awards—voted most favorite minister/clergy service in DFW metroplex every year since 2009 by the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners

  • Because…No one helps you say “ I do” better than we do!

Our Services


Custom designed wedding ceremony, tailored to your wishes that will tell your love story your way and help to create ‘A Wedding Ceremony to Remember’

Private Wedding

'I do for two' ceremony, sweet and simple where only 3 things are needed—the couple, the officiant and the marriage license

Vow Renewal

Recommitment ceremony with appropriate vows, readings and blessings for couples who choose to renew their love and commitment to each other

Young couple is holding board with romantic symbol.

Marriage Coaching

Before you say 'I do,' make sure you’re on the same page with topics like finances, children, religion, in-laws, expectations, careers, intimacy, and things you haven’t even thought about


‘Sweet 15’ ceremony for a Hispanic girl, which symbolizes the rite of passage from childhood to womanhood, along with her dedication to God, family and community


Believer’s decision to demonstrate to the world through baptism that he or she is a follower of Jesus Christ

Baby Dedication

Dedication of children to the Lord until they are old enough to make the decision on their own to commit to follow Christ

Memorial Service

Caring, compassionate service honoring, remembering and celebrating the life of a loved one who has passed

What our couples Say

We felt an instant bond with our minister. She was warm, funny, quick to respond, calmed our nerves, answered questions with great insight, listened attentively to our concerns, and was professional, yet personable. She walked with us every step of the way, ‘holding our hands’ throughout the entire process. It felt as though we had known her our whole lives and our guests thought so, too. She took so much off my plate so I could enjoy my special day and not worry about all the little details of the ceremony. When she conducted the rehearsal, she was so thorough, everyone knew exactly what to do and when to do it.  The extra $100 for the rehearsal was soooo worth it! Don’t hesitate to contact LoveNotes Knot Tyers. You will LOVE them!”

Happy Couple

and someone who was non-judgmental and genuine. Then we found LoveNotes Knot Tyers and everything just fell together perfectly. Our officiant was so warm and accepting and allowed us to just be ‘us.’ He said, ‘This is your wedding. I work for you. Tell me your wish list.’ After we shared it with him, he humbly bowed and said, ‘As you wish!’ LOL! He performed our ceremony exactly as we had chosen from the online wedding manual you get when you book with  LoveNotes. We were able to build our dream ceremony easily with so many choices. So if you want to take control, but also want to take the stress out of your wedding ceremony, call LoveNotes Knot Tyers. They know what they’re doing, and they genuinely care about you and the vision you have for your wedding ceremony.”

Thankful Bride

But LoveNotes Knot Tyers knew exactly what to do! Our officiant was sensitive to both faiths and combined ​traditions, readings, and prayers from each one beautifully. He also added just the right amount of humor, solemnity, sweetness and sincerity throughout, along with personal stories of the bride and groom to draw us into the ceremony as participants and not just as observers. I can honestly say without hesitation that the ceremony itself was the most treasured part of our day. Both faiths were honored with respect and reverence. Our guests still talk about how wonderful our officiant made the wedding ceremony. You will be blessed if you choose LoveNotes Knot Tyers to officiate your wedding.”

Mother of the Bride


The Knot Tyers is an organization of non-denominational ministers and wedding officiants who perform weddings and other clergy services for those who may not have a connection to a church or clergy person but need someone to preside over their special event. The Knot Tyers’ parent company is LoveNotes Weddings.

Of course! They would love to get to know you better and are happy to help you any way they can. However, they do not require you to meet with them if your schedule does not permit. Many questions may be answered by phone, text, email or a virtual meeting if it is more convenient to communicate this way with  your Knot Tyer.

Absolutely! When you secure our services, we will send you a free digital copy of the book, A Wedding Ceremony to Remember-Perfect Words for the Perfect Wedding, to help you create your own ceremony from entrance to exit, just as you wish.

Yes. We believe the institution of marriage is ordained by God, but whether a couple chooses to acknowledge God or not in their wedding ceremony is their choice.  We will respect their wishes and officiate a non-religious ceremony. In fact, we have several non-religious ceremonies you may choose in our wedding book.

No, we don’t require it. However, we would strongly advise that couples get some type of coaching or guidance to help them prepare for the journey that lies ahead. Remember, the wedding only lasts for a day, but the marriage lasts for a lifetime…or not. We have state-certified and licensed marriage and family counselors who are associated with The Knot Tyers if you desire personal counseling or marriage coaching.

Yes. We give discounts to all active military personnel, police, and firefighters for wedding services. This is the Knot Tyers way of saying thank you for their sacrificial service to our country. Please see Fees Page for discounts.

That is the advantage of having a multiple staff. All of the Knot Tyers are trained to conduct ceremonies and rehearsals in the exact same manner, so any one of them can officiate in case of an emergency. All your paperwork and rehearsal and ceremony worksheets will be given to the emergency minister in order to take good care of you.

How perfect do you want your wedding ceremony to be??? The coordinator and the officiant are each experts in their own fields. They draw on their own experience and expertise and work together as a team to make your ceremony flawless. The rehearsal is the time to work out any problems, make any changes, and practice the ceremony so everyone knows who does what, when, where, and how. The officiant, above all, is the one who needs to be aware of all the ceremony details since he/she is the one who conducts the ceremony and has the role of “master of ceremonies.” If he/she is not at the rehearsal and changes are made without being communicated, well…guess what happens? Since the ceremony sets the stage for the rest of the celebration, being well prepared allows the officiant to get things kicked off on the right foot. We strongly recommend having the officiant at your rehearsal.

Most definitely! Especially if the officiant is not attending your rehearsal, we need the rehearsal worksheet completed. It gives him/her all the details for your wedding so he/she can become familiar with the who, what, where, when and how of your ceremony. It also prepares the officiant to conduct the rehearsal in case the coordinator has an emergency. It lets the officiant know exactly what you want so he/she doesn’t come to the ceremony clueless. The officiant, more than anyone else, needs to know the details of the wedding ceremony. Please complete all the worksheets!

You may choose what we wear. The options are: (1) robe with cross (2) robe without cross (3) clergy collar (4) tux (5) black suit/black dress.

Note: If you have a themed wedding, we will try to accommodate you, if you wish.

Both bride and groom are required to apply in person at any county clerk’s office in TX. To obtain the marriage license, you must each take two forms of identification. The fee for a marriage license is approximately $75-$85 (depending on county)–cash only. However, if you choose to go through the State of Texas Marriage Education Counseling Class www.twogetherintexas.com or Marriage 101 Online, the fee is discounted $60. The marriage license is valid for 90 days from issuance, with a 72 hour waiting period before the ceremony may take place.

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