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A Wedding Ceremony
to Remember

Tying the Knot

Knot Tyers

Una Boda Inolvidable

A Wedding Ceremony to Remember
Perfect Words for the Perfect Wedding

by Marty Younkin

You don’t have to settle for a “cookie cutter” wedding ceremony. Now you can design a ceremony that reflects your love and your own unique style from start to finish. This book is a word planner that helps you select the words you want spoken on this special day, words spoken both by you and by the wedding officiant. The 5th edition of this best-seller now offers even more choices.

Choose from a variety of ceremony styles:

Select from an assortment of:

To help pull it all together, included are these helpful tools:

What people are saying about this wedding word planner:

“Creative, Concise, Complete”
“Both familiar and fresh ideas”

“All you need, all in one place”
“Organizes ceremony and rehearsal details easily”

Whether you are a Wedding Couple, a Wedding Planner or a Wedding Officiant, you will find this book to be your “go to” resource when planning a wedding ceremony. 

Tying the Knot
Symbolic Ceremonies to Celebrate Your Union

by Marty Younkin

This book of traditions, rituals and customs is the quintessential guide for incorporating symbolic ceremonies into the wedding service.

There are 55 symbolic ceremonies offered, many with multiple versions. Included are time-tested traditions (Unity Candle Ceremony), religious rituals (Crowning Ceremony), cultural customs (Asian Tea Ceremony), and new trends (Love Locks Ceremony).

This book provides a script, procedure instructions, and the items you will need for each tradition, ritual and custom. Now you will know exactly what to say, what to do, and what you need for a symbolic ceremony within your wedding ceremony.

So get started and light a candle, blend some sand, create a time capsule, plant a tree, toss some pebbles, paint a canvas, name a star and literally…tie the knot!

This book was written for:

  • Wedding Couples—Including a symbolic ceremony in your wedding service is a visual illustration of your union and a personal reflection of who you are as a couple by demonstrating what is close to you in heart

  • Wedding Planners—With this instructional resource, you can better assist your brides who choose a symbolic ceremony, and who count on you to guide them with a professional understanding of their tradition, ritual or custom

  • Wedding Officiants—Provides the necessary tools (text and instructions) to conduct a variety of symbolic ceremonies. Being knowledgeable in this gives brides confidence in your experience, education and expertise as a wedding officiant

Knot Tyers
101 Ways to Keep the Love Knot Tied

by Marty & Carol Younkin

Has your love life lost its luster? Is your romance in a rut? Has the flame fizzled and the fire faded? Do you feel like roommates instead of soulmates?

What happened? Life. Life happened. Life got in the way when you were on your way to “happily ever after.” Sometimes life derails us and we lose track of the…track.

So what can you do to avoid “derailment” and get your love life back on track again? How do you keep the love knot tied?

Try some KnotTyers! 101 ways to help you keep the love knot tied. Most of these KnotTyers are simple things you already know but forget to do, or don’t take the time to do, or stopped doing, or never did in the first place but should be doing now. 

There are practical principles to try out, as well as time-tested truths that have proven to be successful. Some are “girls only,” some are “guys only,” but most are applicable to both girls and guys. Note that there are “what to do” and “what not to do” suggestions. Both are equally important.

So get started and turn your roommate back into your soulmate once again! You’ll never know until you “tie it.”

  Two hearts together will travel
      life’s journey side by side,
  and promise to do whatever it takes
     to keep the Love Knot tied! 

Una Boda Inolvidable
Bilingual Wedding Ceremony Planner
by Marty & Carol Younkin

Written for officiants, ministers, planners, organizers and couples who are preparing for a bilingual or hispanic wedding ceremony. Choose the language format—English, Spanish or Bilingual.

This word planner helps you choose the special words you want spoken on your wedding day. Select from a Traditional, Contemporary or Civil ceremony, along with a variety of Vows, Readings, Blessings and Traditions. 

Plan your wedding easily with Ceremony and Rehearsal Worksheets and Formation Diagrams that pull it all together so that you may have Una Boda Inolvidable!