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Al Taylor


Al Taylor

As a Pastor and Dallas Police Chaplain, Al Taylor has had the joy of officiating the celebration of love for hundreds of couples who are joining together, hand in hand, for the greatest adventure of their lives. Al has not only served in ministry for 50 years, but he has also shared his own great adventure of marriage for more than 50 years with one special woman, his wife, Sherry. Al says, “I have come to realize that a couple’s life story is written one day at a time. Life is not defined by only one major event. Each day’s journey is anchored by major milestones over a lifetime but is made complete by thousands of small events which make up who we are. Perhaps the greatest of these milestones is when love blossoms in the hearts of two people who want to spend a lifetime together.” It is Al’s joy to create a unique ceremony to celebrate this greatest of milestones that reflects each couple’s journey of love. Let the journey begin!

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  • I married the love of my life, Sherry, when I was 19 (my parents had to sign for me because I wasn’t of legal age)—51 years and counting…and they said it wouldn’t last.
  • I have served in pastoral positions in churches as well as para-church organizations throughout Texas, although my ministry began at my home church in Kansas.
  • I was President and Founder of Mission Southeast, a crisis ministry in SE Dallas that provided food, clothing, and household goods to those in need.
  • I was Chaplain for the Dallas Police Department for 12 years.
  • I was a professional clown for many years (before it was creepy to be a clown, and no, I did not run away to join the circus). I simply used clowning in the midst of the “circus of life” to help people learn to laugh, and to see that most people wear a mask of some kind to either hide from life or to cope with it.  I learned from the greatest clown of all, Red Skelton, that the difference between a clown and a comedian is that “a comedian does funny things but a clown does things funny!”
  • In my early years I was mistaken for Kenny Rogers, Glen Campbell, and George Goble (what a combination!), but nowadays, people think I’m Colonel Sanders.
  • My favorite dish is my wife’s Southern Fried Chicken—hmmm…maybe that’s why I look like Col. Sanders—too much chicken maybe?
  • Sherry and I loved to ride roller coasters in our younger days. We’d ride just about anything repeatedly as long as they didn’t turn her upside down—then her screams were deafening!
  • One of my favorite memories is as a small boy at the “Pretty Prairie Kansas Rodeo.” I was peering between people’s legs trying to see Gene Autry and his horse, Champ. He saw me and had me lifted over the fence and placed me on Champ sitting next to him (if we only had cell phones then!).
  • I love to watch any old western starring Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, John Wayne, or Clint Eastwood. (I still watch them today because they remind me of my dad.) Scrooge with Albert Finney is my favorite movie because it is all about redemption and second chances.
  • The man who had the greatest influence on my life was my father, with his genuine goodness, kindness, gentleness, and strong work ethic. I only hope to be even half the man he was.
  • What gets me through life and the toughest of days is God’s presence in my life and His gift to me of my wife, Sherry, and my family, who have been a source of strength and encouragement to me. Sherry made me weak in the knees when I met her, but today, when life makes my knees buckle, she is there to give me the strength I do not have to stand on my own. I am blessed!

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10 reviews for Al Taylor

  1. Wedding Wire Bride

    We are so glad we booked a LoveNotes Officiant. Al Taylor was very nice, very knowledgeable and easy to work with. We are not religious and wanted a completely secular wedding. We also wanted to include my husband’s children. With Al’s guidance and invaluable suggestions, we were able to have a ceremony that included all members of our new family and honored our beliefs of love and marriage. We would have been clueless without him at the rehearsal. He knew everything to do and I knew we had made the right choice then! We are so happy with our wedding ceremony and definitely recommend LoveNotes and Dr. Al Taylor.

  2. Wedding Wire Bride

    Al Taylor was such a wonderful officiant! He was professional, passionate and very polite, and we felt a genuine connection with him. He was punctual, organized, and quickly replied to emails or calls. He gracefully blessed our wedding, went with the flow and smoothed everything over even when I messed up during the ceremony. Al is so cool; he even grabbed a cart to help bring in the food when it was late to the reception. He’s a standup person and did a 10/10 job. He’s also a sharp dresser!

  3. Jackie and Brandon Jones

    LoveNotes was highly recommended by our wedding coordinator and also by friends whom Al Taylor married last year. Dr. Al was wonderful and eager to learn about us individually and as a couple, which was very important to us. We did premarital counseling with him, which was a great opportunity to get to know each other better. Dr. Al quickly became more than our officiant; he became a friend and mentor also. Our wedding ceremony was nothing short of perfect. We customized our ceremony and it was executed exactly as we had hoped and prayed for. We are so grateful for Dr. Al. We couldn’t have picked a better officiant and also, friend. Thank you, LoveNotes and Dr. Al!

  4. Wedding Wire Bride

    Our ceremony was perfect and it would not have been without Al. Planning a wedding from a different state was difficult; however, planning the actual ceremony could not have been simpler with the help of the LoveNotes book and Al. He walked us through everything we needed to do step by step. At the rehearsal, he stayed as long as needed (in spite of the rain), so everyone was ready for the wedding. Al arrived 2 hours early at the wedding to make sure the ceremony would go off without a hitch. He even started a few minutes early due to the coming weather, and we finished just before the rain came down! We were truly blessed to have found such a wonderful, caring Officiant for our wedding day, and we highly recommend him for yours!

  5. Tom and Bailey Talbot

    Rev. Al Taylor was wonderful! After one month, our guests are still talking about how personal he made our ceremony, including interesting facts about each of us. He took the time to get to know us, discussed our ceremony options, and communicated back and forth regularly to finalize all the details. He drove an hour and a half to our wedding and arrived early to make sure everything was ok. Thanks to Mother Nature, our ceremony started an hour late. But Al mingled with our guests and kept them informed of what was happening. We had to go to plan B and move everything inside and improvise. Once the ceremony began, everything ran seamlessly from beginning to end! That was thanks to Al! We would recommend him to anyone!

  6. McKenna

    I could not be more happy with my choice in LoveNotes! Al Taylor was our officiant and he did an amazing job! He had been in contact with us since day one, helping along the way in preparing our ceremony for us! The process was extremely easy and stress free. Come the day of the wedding…one word—perfect! The ceremony felt effortless. Al was so helpful in making sure everyone knew what they were doing, which allowed my husband and I to really be in the moment. The ceremony was short, beautiful and romantic. I 100% recommend using Al Taylor and LoveNotes!

  7. Caitlin and Sam Crenshaw

    Al Taylor was exactly what we were looking for in an officiant! He was professional, personable, and encouraging at every stage of the process. We found the ceremony very easy to customize in a way that was meaningful for us and Al was a true pro and easily guided us through the ceremony. We’re over the moon with how well the ceremony went and our friends and family were charmed as well. We would pick Al to officiate for us again any day! Highly recommend to any couple.

  8. Robert & Nicole Garay

    Dr. Taylor was an excellent officiant. He was very personable and made us feel comfortable during the entire ceremony. We would recommend him to anyone in need of an officiant!

  9. Zach Miller

    Al Taylor was an actual blessing to have by our side. From discussing our cerimony, premarital councelling, and the wedding day, he always made sure that we were informed & happy. Al was always early and prepared for anytime we met and his calm demenior was always infectious even during the stressful phases of the wedding planning.

    During our premarital counseling with Mr. Taylor really allowed my wife and I to explore newer and better ways of communicating and showing our love. I couldn’t recommend Al Taylor more and cant thank him enough for making our wedding perfect beyond our expectations!

  10. April

    Our wedding ceremony was truly special and went perfectly thanks to Al Taylor. All emails and texts were quickly responded to and he arrived early for all meetings and the rehearsal. He happily helped us with finalizing the ceremony and was accommodating to all of our special requests and tweaks to make the ceremony truly special to us. The rehearsal we had with him and the suggestions he made were fantastic and helped get everyone on the same page. Al Taylor is a wonderful and caring officiant as well as a fun person to talk to. We would highly recommend having him as your officiant!

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