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Affectionately known as ‘Minister Marty, the Marryin’ Man,’ Rev. Marty Younkin is Executive Director of LoveNotes~DFW Clergy Services/The Knot Tyers. After graduation from Dallas Theological Seminary, Marty became a singles pastor in a large non-denominational church in Dallas, but eventually married off most of the singles in his class. It was then he discovered the joy of uniting two people together in marriage. “I love Love,” says Marty. “I have the best job in the world!” So for more than 45 years, he has continued to “tie the knot” for literally thousands of couples. Marty’s passion for love, marriage, and weddings was the inspiration behind his best selling wedding book, A Wedding Ceremony to Remember – Perfect Words for the Perfect Wedding, a ceremony planner to help couples design their own unique wedding ceremony from entrance to exit. Rev. Marty Younkin and the LoveNotes Knot Tyers are dedicated to making your “happily ever after” chapter come true with these three little words… “As you wish!”




  • I am married to the girl of my dreams and love being Dad to 3 great kids.
  • I am a twin, but she’s a lot prettier than me!
  • I am an Ohio State Buckeyes and Big 10 fan. Love all the teams. Go Bucks!
  • In high school, I played the concert piano with the Ohio Youth Symphony Orchestra.
  • I was a “band geek” and played the trombone. (Glenn Miller I wasn’t.)
  • I won ballroom dancing contests with my twin sister and still love to dance today.
  • I was a long distance runner and body builder a looooooooong time ago!
  • I had a stuttering problem until my mid-20’s. My mother said she always hoped to have a minister in the family but never dreamed it would be m-m-m-m-me!
  • People think I look like KFC’s Colonel Sanders.
  • I love Christmas and play Christmas music from October–February (I’m really Santa!)
  • My nickname is “The Pillsbury Dough Boy” because I like to eat bread (all kinds and lots!).
  • I am searching for and re-buying all my childhood toys that were lost or thrown away (still a kid at heart).
  • A carton of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream can get me through the toughest day.
  • I believe America is the greatest country on earth and am so grateful for the men and women who fight to keep it that way.
  • My favorite saying is from my dad. “You can never go wrong by doing what’s right.”
  • My advice to couples is this: “To keep love brimming in the marriage cup, whenever you’re wrong, admit it—whenever you’re right, shut up!”
  • My favorite Bible verse is Romans 12:9-11 “Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; hold on to what is good. Love each other deeply. Honor others more than yourselves.  Never let the fire in your heart go out. Keep it alive. Serve the Lord with all your heart.”
  • I asked God to teach me about love and he put me in the wedding business. How awesome is that? I love what I do!

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14 reviews for Marty Younkin

  1. Area Photographers

    Brides choose Wedding Officiants for different reasons. When one bride recently posted, “Which Officiant will give me the best wedding photos?”, 30 photographers responded, “Hands down–Marty Younkin!”

  2. Deborah Reis

    Marty, I knew you’d be professional, (your wedding manual proved that), but I had no idea you would make the ceremony proceed as well as it did. Even when the groom broke down in tears and had trouble completing his vows, there you were, never missing a beat with your humor and your wise words. I’ve been to many weddings, but this was one of the best. I’ve lost count at how many guests have called complimenting the ceremony. Of course, without you and your lifesaving manual, the wedding would have been nowhere near as organized, or as beautiful. So, Marty, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You gave us memories that we’ll always cherish.

  3. A very happy Bride and Groom

    Dear Marty, Your understanding and immediate ability to adapt to our family was great. You made us both feel as if you had known us our whole lives and that you were a part of our family. We enjoyed your humor, which is so important for an emotional event. We also appreciated all your advice along the way and your great level of professionalism. Our wedding day was obviously the most important day beginning our lives together and you somehow took away the apprehension and anxiety that such a day brings and made everything “all right.” Your book let us put together the most unique ceremony. It made it special to us because we were able to say exactly how we were feeling. We can’t thank you enough.

  4. Alison J. Fuld

    Hi Marty, Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for speaking with my Mother of the Bride for December 12th. She called me yesterday in a panic over the need for a minister for her daughter’s wedding, and I assured her you were the guy… and if you weren’t available you had the guy for her. She just left me a message saying how kind and warm you were and that she felt like she was talking to her best friend. You gave her a complete sense of comfort and peace, and for that I am very grateful … and that’s why you are the guy!

  5. Sandi and Dave Silver

    Dear Marty, What do you say to the Officiant that people are still raving about two weeks after the wedding? Thank you does not seem to cover it. You were one of the highlights of the festivities and Dave and I could not be happier. The wedding service set the tone for the entire evening. It was fun for everyone. It isn’t easy to please everyone, but both “faiths” present were pleased and very happy with not only the service, but with you. Your professionalism, knowledge, experience and especially your warmth were blessings to us all.

  6. A very happy bride!

    We were so honored to have Marty Younkin as our minister. He was such a delight. I always looked forward to his response because no matter what, he always put a smile on my face. He made me feel like my wedding was a fairy tale. You should stop your search now, and be assured that Marty is your man! Even though we only spent a few hours together, he will always have a special place in my heart.

  7. Jay and Kristen Murray

    Marty, you came highly recommended, but surpassed even our highest expectations. Your presence was calming, when it needed to be, commanding when called for, and always truly impressive. We strived for a “classy” but not “stuffy” ceremony and you were perfect! Your advice and guidance at the rehearsal and your incorporation of our ideas made the ceremony live up to our dreams.

  8. Jeff and Cynthia Scherbarth

    Marty Younkin was the perfect choice for a wedding officiant. We had never met before our rehearsal and wedding, but Marty made our ceremony seem as if he had known us for years. He was also extremely professional and prepared. It was obvious he had spent a great deal of time preparing our ceremony to include everything we had requested and then adding his own personal touch to it. Although the ceremony was very moving, he always knew just the right time to say something funny to put everyone at ease. Additionally, the Love Notes wedding guide he provided was so complete that it made planning our ceremony very simple. We feel very fortunate to have been married by Marty and would recommend him without hesitation.

  9. Anne W.~Mother of the Bride

    I am not exaggerating when I say the biggest compliment we continued to get all night was how great the officiant was. I lost count of the number of people that made a point of saying how Marty made the whole ceremony very special, engaging and fun. It was everything we ever wanted for our daughter’s wedding and we are delighted with how it turned out. Marty was wonderful to work with, a great communicator, and so genuine throughout our interactions with him. We highly recommend Marty Younkin and LoveNotes Weddings for your ceremony.

  10. Delores and Gail Flood—Appreciative Parents of the Bride

    Dear Marty, I have to admit that when Rebecca told me she had found a minister for their wedding on the internet from an organization called “Love Notes”, I cringed inwardly thinking this could be the prescription for disaster. But after meeting you, I felt confident that it would be okay. But then, after Saturday night, I am singing your praises! What a wonderfully warm ceremony you performed! Numerous guests inquired as to how long you had known our family. Your presence was like having an old friend in our midst. We heard comments all evening and beyond about the relaxed and personal nature of the ceremony, about your appropriate humor, and about the spiritual dimension of the service. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a sweeter ceremony; it set the tone for the entire evening. The obvious joy with which you do your work is testimony to me that you are called to this ministry. Your beautiful pastoral prayer with Rebecca and her bridesmaids was calming and helped us to center on the marriage and the purpose for the evening. Wearing a robe on a hot summer evening was going the extra mile, but it brought an element of the sacred to our outdoor setting — and you looked really good! I thank God for bringing us together. You are, indeed, an extension of God’s love.

  11. Darla~The Knot

    Marty truly exceeded our expectations! From the first time we met him at the rehearsal, we were immediately drawn to his sweet and genuine personality. His wonderful sense of humor added a unique charm to our ceremony, which he expertly tailored to match our vision perfectly. It was evident that Marty is not only highly experienced but also a genuinely exceptional person. Our families and bridal party were equally impressed and fond of him, and he played a significant role in making our ceremony truly unforgettable. We wholeheartedly give him 5 stars!

  12. Amy~Wedding Coordinator and also the Bride

    Marty was absolutely amazing! We couldn’t have picked a better person to officiate our wedding. From the communication to the deliverable on wedding day, it was flawless, easy and enjoyable. He made our guests laugh, kept them entertained and most importantly shared our love for one another that can be felt throughout the room. We can’t thank you enough, Marty! You made our day PERFECT 🙂

  13. Carol Sage

    My fiancee and I were not looking forward to planning our ceremony. It seemed daunting. However, the tools/book LoveNotes provided made it easy to plan our perfect ceremony. From the beginning Marty made us feel comfortable. He was so friendly and warm with a great sense of humor. He answered all our questions and helped us think about details we hadn’t considered. At the rehearsal he was so patient and made sure everyone was comfortable with what they were supposed to do. Our ceremony was beautiful and Marty was a big part of that. Even though we had only talked to Marty a couple of times, by the end of our wedding he seemed like an old family friend. He had people laughing and crying and made our ceremony one of the most memorable and special moments of our lives!

  14. Katelyn BryantKatelyn BryantKate

    Marty absolutely made our ceremony the best it could possibly be! He asked me what kind of wedding I wanted, and I said, fun, upbeat, and sweet. He did just that! I had at least 20 people afterwards say it was the best and most engaging wedding they’d ever been to and that he perfectly encompassed our personalities into each part of it. Marty, thank you for being a major highlight we will always remember and cherish!

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