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Pastor Randy loves performing weddings! He creates a custom ceremony for the couple, eases the stress of the bride and groom, and ensures that the ceremony is everything they desire … and more! He loves this ministry because he gets to share with each bride and groom the beginning of their life together! Randy earned a Masters degree in Theology from Cathedral College in California. He has planted three churches, been a Police Chaplain, a Bible College Professor, and has written several books for collegiate academic use. Randy and his wife Mari, have four grown children and enjoy spoiling the five grandkids before sending them home with mom and dad!

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  • I’m married to a beautiful Latina, Mari, and have 4 grown kids and 8 grandkids.
  • What do I really like to do? I really like hanging out with my wife (and I think she likes hanging out with me, too!).
  • We love to go on cruises together. I like to sit on the bow with a cup of coffee and watch the dolphins swim alongside the ship.
  • My dream vacation? I’d like to take a river cruise through Europe and through the interior of Alaska.
  • I was an Air Force “brat” and attended high school in Okinawa, Japan. Instead of taking a bus to sporting events, our football team flew on jets to the other islands to participate in the games—one of my favorite memories.
  • My favorite food is Mexican, but it has to be a place where Mexicans eat, because then you know it’s authentic and good. However, nobody does it better than my mother-inlaw; being from Mexico, her cooking is the absolute best! (and my wife agrees).
  • As a hobby, woodworking is it. “I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree…” I think trees are beautiful—whether in the ground or repurposed as furniture, bowls, candlesticks or pens.
  • I love the original Rocky movie. It not only speaks to the indomitable spirit of man, but to the inspiration to make one’s dreams come true.
  • The most influential person in my life is Brian Buffini, hands down. He immigrated to the US about 35 years ago with $92 in his pocket. He has since started or purchased more than 85 businesses. He speaks to my soul in a profound way!
  • The best advice I have ever been given is this: “Work harder on yourself than you do on your business, and you’ll go from making a living to making a fortune!”

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5 reviews for Randy Dicken

  1. Jason and Andrea Alisauski

    Randy, I just wanted to thank you for doing such a fantastic job at our wedding! You put me at ease during both the rehearsal AND the ceremony! You were the first and only minister we contacted and I KNEW just from talking to you that you would be perfect. Without your great idea of saying a family vow and presenting our daughter with the Family Medallion, we would never have have thought how to incorporate her into the ceremony. EVERYONE was in tears! She still wears the necklace everyday. It is a moment I will never forget. Jason and I agree that we could not have had a more perfect ceremony because of you. Your words touched us and we will remember to live, laugh and love often.

  2. Brian and Darla Waldrum

    My husband and I wanted to say thanks to Randy Dicken for his excellent officiating at our wedding. We did not have any rehearsal and yet Randy made the entire ceremony relaxed and scripted. We were completely taken by both his great sense of humor and his professionalism. We had a recent death in the family. The groom’s father passed away, and Randy paid tribute in a very elegant way. I personally appreciated the way Randy presented himself as an easy to know person and his wife was very nice as well. I would recommend LoveNotes to anyone due to the great experience we had.

  3. Hunter and Melissa Christiansen

    Randy, we are so glad Melissa and Hunter chose you to officiate their wedding! I don’t think it was an accident that they chose you. I truly believe God wanted you to do the ceremony! You kept the meaning of their wedding as God intended it to be, and you interjected the right amount of humor to make it fun…exactly how and what it needed to be. Thank you for being patient with Melissa. She truly hates to be the center of attention and was a nervous wreck about all eyes being on her! But, with humor and kindness, you eased her stress. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! The whole wedding was awesome and one of the best nights of our lives…and you were a big part of why it was so special. Thank you for the meaningful wedding ceremony and for being exactly what Melissa and Hunter needed. You are the best!

  4. Trey and Kristen Wall

    Randy Dicken performed our wedding and we just loved him. He personalized our ceremony to reflect us as a couple and made our wedding unique and relaxed. He was professional, so friendly, provided great energy, was respectful, tailored the wedding to our needs and made us feel at ease so we could enjoy every aspect. He even changed our ceremony the day before the wedding for an unexpected death, which meant so much to us and my family. I couldn’t have asked for a better officiant! We loved him!

  5. Jackie and Colin Bayless

    Randy Dicken made our ceremony perfect. So perfect, in fact, that we have had many people tell us our ceremony was romantic, sweet, funny, lighthearted, fun loving and yet very touching. The one that touches my heart the most is when one of my friends came up to us and said, “Your wedding ceremony made me and my husband fall in love all over again. It was so wonderful that words cannot express how we feel, thank you.” When she said this, she had tears in her eyes, and her husband had a look I have not seen before on his face. It was overwhelming as to the beauty we felt and to see others feeling the same thing as us. My dream ceremony came true but I truly believe without Randy it would not have been so. He caught looks exchanged between us, and he knew us well enough to know that we would appreciate them being accentuated. Of my entire wedding, my ceremony is the ONLY part with which I am completely happy. Not only that it was and is the only thing that was better then OK, it was absolute perfection.

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