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Anne Slagel

Dr. Anne Slagel is a dynamic minister who brings an encourager’s heart with an enthusiasm that spills over to all those around her. She eagerly serves our DFW community as chaplain to several organizations with a voice that is uplifting and compassionate. Dr. Anne is a sought after motivational speaker who challenges you personally while entertaining the audience. After years of developing and directing international women’s conferences, she pursued her goal of becoming a chaplain. Even though that was later in life, she said, “Age is only a number—always reach for your goal.” Anne and her husband, Gary (a former mayor), are part of the respected leaders in their community, yet they are both very approachable and “down to earth.” Her passion for weddings is evident. Years of experience and determination, along with her reassuring smile, gives the couple the confidence that everything will be done “just as we planned.” Anne says, “Being part of a couple’s first steps into the future of a lifetime is both exciting and rewarding.” Maybe that’s why couples feel such a kinship with Dr. Anne, because she listens and truly cares about making this day the best day of their lives.

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  • I am a fun loving gal born in the “show me” state of Missouri, but my grandparents and ancestors were all native Texans, and as they say, “I got here as soon as I could!”
  • I sang “live” on the radio at age 4 1/2 with a big silver microphone in my face while standing on an upside down milk crate. So you could say that music is in my soul. My mother taught me to sing the good ole songs—all 4 verses and chorus. And I truly believe that singing a favorite song at the top of your voice can lift your spirits!
  • I love cooking and creating a beautiful presentation, then taking a picture and sharing it with friends. Yes…I am one of those people.
  • For fun, I like doing lunches with girlfriends and shopping. I call it “research.”
  • My husband, Gary, and I are best friends who love serving our community and watching it grow. He was the mayor of Richardson, TX for many years. We enjoy attending civic functions, festivals and the symphony with friends.
  • Our combined families are very important to us. While being a parent is a blessing, being a grandparent is the most fun! Play dates, hugs and kisses, shopping and spoiling them, then sending them home on a sugar high…well, I guess that makes us really good (and typical) grandparents!
  • One of the most influential people in my life was my amazing mother, who had a serious visual challenge, but she never let it interfere with her life and her goals. She helped to change the laws to better the lives of the blind. Her life made a difference. She was such an inspiration to me.
  • In my past, my passion was creating women’s conferences and being a motivational speaker. I loved planning and coordinating all the details, but mostly, I loved making new friends and watching them grow as a result of the conferences.
  • After receiving my doctorate degree, I started pursuing my dream of becoming a chaplain. I believe you should always follow your dreams. You can do it. One of my favorite quotes is “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.” Another quote I like is “Age is only a number.” Your soul is eternal and doesn’t age. You are never too old to reach your goals.
  • Some of the best advice I’ve ever been given—“You can’t get there from here.” Standing still gets you nowhere. You have to take action to achieve your goals and dreams. So I did!
  • I am passionate about teaching others to guard their thoughts and to use their words wisely. What you think about, you bring about…What is on your mind happens in time…Think on good things…Think about what you want in life, not about what you do not have…because as the Bible says, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he…”
  • I have always had a love for Christ, and have lived my life in pursuit of encouraging others—hence, my nickname, “the Encourager” or, as my friends call me, “the Anne-courager!”

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3 reviews for Anne Slagel

  1. Heather

    Anne, it was such a blessing to have you as our officiant at our wedding. You did an amazing job. Your guidance kept us focused on each other. Thank you for a beautiful ceremony. Your words touched everyone. Your kind and cheerful spirit encouraged us.
    My husband and I will recommend you to all our friends.

  2. Shelby Rose and Eduardo (Lo Lo)

    Dear Anne, Thank you so much for the BEST CEREMONY that a couple could ask for. You are amazing. Eduardo and I felt so comfortable just knowing that you were sincerely there for us. You were so patient and kind to my family and friends. We want our friendship to continue to grow. Our families were so impressed with the vows and your personal poem for the blessings of the hands. Can we please ask for a copy so that we can frame it? Thank you for helping to arrange the room properly and working with the photographer. You are the best.

  3. A special thanks from our families, Dale and Colleen.

    Anne was the absolute best! My husband and I had a very intimate ceremony, just my parents and his parents were present, and she made everyone in the room feel so welcomed and loved. We wanted our ceremony to be short, sweet and to the point, whilst also being romantic. She exceeded all expectations and made it so unique and personal to us. A most precious memory that none of us will forget. She was helpful throughout the whole process and led the way, which took the stress off of my husband and I. It could not have been more perfect. 10 big stars for Anne!

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